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Short Course

(Sydney) The Rise of Sustainable Leather: Create Your Own Vegan Leather Satchel

Join our ‘Learn & Create’ workshop on the rise of sustainable leather and create your very own vegan leather satchel. 

Learn the history of leather production, and the damage worldwide consumption of leather has on the environment, before exploring the amazing opportunities new fabrication technologies hold for the industry and the sustainable brands out there you need to know now. 

This will follow with a hands-on practical session where you will create your own sustainable leather satchel in our design studio.

What we cover

Our workshop will begin with a lecture on the role of leather in the fashion industry, touching on production processes, environmental and ethical concerns before presenting an introduction to how sustainable leathers are revolutionising the industry. This lecture will overview the challenges to mass acceptance of sustainable leathers before highlighting the new technologies available to designers and showcase the brands championing the cause.  

Prior Skills & Preparation

No prior skills necessary!

This workshop is designed to be a fun and practical introduction to the world of fashion leather textiles

Course Snapshot

Course Dates:

  • Sydney | Saturday 3rd August | 10AM - 2PM

Location: Sydney

Fees: $145.00

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