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Short Course

How to Produce an Independent Fashion Show & Presentation

Tuesday evenings: 6.00PM - 8.30PM / September 4th - October 23rd

(8 week course)

Interested in producing your own fashion show or exhibition? Then this course is for you.

Show production is a complex field and you need strong organisational skills to pull it off effectively. Learn from a production expert how to create an immersive experience your guests will never forget. Cover everything from initial conceptual pitches, through working with clients (and budgets) and develop essential templates for efficient management of a complex puzzle. 

Ideal for emerging brands wishing to produce their own show in-house, for those seeking to break into the PR and Production space as well as individuals seeking to upskill in general organisational management.

 This course runs immediately preceding our T.M. 2018 Student Showcase. Top students will be selected to work on this show production and put their skills into practice.

What we cover

This course is delivered across 8 weeks and will cover all the essentials to independent show production. Starting from initial conceptual requirements, through working with clients and budgets and developing a cohesive marketing plan.

You will cover:

  • Roles within show production
  • Expectations of a show producer
    •    How to effectively work as a team
  • Budgets, timelines and logistic management
  • Marketing 
    • Including production of all marketing collateral and evaluation of different types of marketing strategies
  • Negotiations
    • What is fair
  • Casting and venue scouting
  • Show specifics
    • Call sheets, styling, backstage management
  • How to bring a show to life

Prior Skills & Preparation

No prior skills necessary!

This course is for anyone interested in producing a fashion show or exhibition. Also suitable for those interested in adjacent creative fields. 

Please bring a laptop to class if possible. Otherwise notepad and pens are fine too.

Course Snapshot

Course Dates:

Location: Melbourne

Fees: $720.00

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