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Short Course

Design Your Own Creative Portfolio Workshop

1-Day Workshop |  11.00AM - 2.00PM | Saturday 24th November

This 1-day intensive workshop is designed to teach students the fundamental layout, design and construction methods used to present a creative portfolio at a professional standard.
This workshop is suitable for students, working professionals and those with a keen interest in creative industries. This workshop is offered to support students in Year 12 completing units 3 & 4 for folio subjects and for those applying for further education in design and creative industries.  
It is essential to have your own creative portfolio, to showcase your creativity and talent especially when applying at any creative institution or alternatively with a prospective employer within the industry.

Requirements: This workshop requires you to have at least 8 individual pieces of creative work (e.g illustration, mood boards, photography etc) to assist with creating your portfolio in this short course.

Course Snapshot

Fees: $85.00

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